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Could you make me look as beautiful as your models?
Believe it or not they aren't models. They're just regular, everyday people like you and me. They're the girl next door, the woman from the office or the lady at the bank. Nevertheless, they all do get a kick out of hearing that people who see their portraits on here think they're models. I don't hire models nor just photograph model-esque women. Though a small few have done or are doing some modeling, the majority of them are "everyday" women who either found me online or heard of me through a friend. They're always surprised by their portraits, especially when most of them were certain they were simply unphotogenic. I don't "make" people look beautiful, I just capture the beauty I find in them in my own, unique way.

Where is your studio located?
I don't maintain a studio. Studios are impersonal, static facades (though they certainly have their place). However, in my work I prefer the honesty and genuineness of real, actual environments so I always try to conduct the sessions in my clients own homes or out in nature. I'll travel anywhere I need to for my clients whether they live nearby or on the other side of the world.

Additionally, if you prefer your session to take place at a favorite destination (or in the park just down the street) rather than where you live, that's fine too.

Do you only do sessions locally?
I'll go wherever my clients want/need me. The rates are the same no matter where in Arizona a session takes place. For sessions out of state, clients simply cover my round-trip airfare. Session rates stay the same.

I don't want my pics used online. Is that okay?
Absolutely! Your privacy and discretion are of paramount importance to me. Nothing of your session is seen or shared with anyone other than yourself unless you give me specific permission to do so (like posting on this site as an example of my work) and even then you reserve the right to change your mind at any time down the road.

Though I retain all the digital originals (for archive purposes and safekeeping), you may at any time purchase them from me outright and if requested I'll even permanantly erase them so you have the only copies. The bottom line is that your images and identity are safe and private and you ultimately have the option of making them disappear forever should you so choose.

Can my boudoir session include my friend/partner?
Yes. Since all sessions are collaborations between myself and the client, I'm open to helping them accomplish most anything they want from me. To add a second person to a boudoir session is an additional fee of $150.

What other kinds of photography do you do?
Though I'm most known for weddings and boudoir, I also do senior portraits, headshots, family portraits, business portraits, pets, travel, and even food. Email me at for rates for these kinds of sessions (or any other project you have in mind).

I have a specific concept in mind. Can you help?
It's your session so anything you want goes. If you want a makeup artist and stylist there I can provide them, or perhaps you want to bring your own. It's all up to you and what you have in mind. I place no limitations on my clients' creativity and vision. If you simply want a collaborator to brainstorm with and capture your ideas for you, that's what I love doing most!

Do you photograph men?
Yes, I do photograph men. Though you may not always see examples here of my work with men, my online portfolio is comprised only of images I've been permitted by the subjects to share online, and represents but a fraction of the body of work I've done.

San with a client during her session
"A session with San is very relaxed and pressure-free. The experience is really more like having a conversation with a good friend and, in the meantime, he is capturing the intimate and beautiful moments that most people miss. He's got an eye for showing us how lovely we truly are, in spite of ourselves."
~ L.
"Sanvean captured hidden elements through the eye of his camera that are uniquely beautiful and represented a side of my personality that is awe inspiring to me as the model. I love his work and look forward to more in the future."
~ A.
"Working with Sanvean was AMAZING! Besides being a true creative talent Sanvean is one of the most sincere people I've met, which made me instantly feel comfortable with him and in front of the camera. San intuitively tapped into my sense of self and was able to create images that portrayed my aesthetic, personality, and highlighted my best physical attributes. We spent a long day together shooting and laughing and exchanging ideas. Sanvean was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him to anyone."
~ R.
San with a client during her session
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